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June in Review

Poor health derailed some of my plans for June, but I’m happy to say it’s been one of my better months for book sales, Kindle Unlimited reads, newsletter signups AND I think I must have made a new record for most books reviewed in a month (on my blog!).

Any indie authors reading this, I highly recommend The Fussy Librarian if you’re thinking of running a free promotion of your books in the future.

I also loved David Rae’s blog takeover for the launch of Crowtower. It was great fun, thank you, David.

David Rae Blog Takeover

Click here to read an interview with the author, David Rae.

Click here to read an exclusive extract from the upcoming third book in The Sun Thief trilogy, Crowbait.

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8 thoughts on “June in Review”

    1. Thanks, Rami. It’s a free book newsletter, similar to Bookbub, but more reasonably priced and easier to get into. I’ve a couple more promotions scheduled with them, and I hope they do as well. 😊


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