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Book of the Half Year 2021

Today is the exact midpoint of the year, so I thought I’d round up all the books I’ve rated 5 stars so far on the blog and choose my favorite of the half year.

Children’s Fiction

I loved this story of a size changing purple wulfen, who befriends a modern Cinderella in this book by Irish author, Lindsay J Sedgwick.

Loved this story within a story about a Chinese princess who searches the United States of America for a way to save her family. Where can I get a Raggedy Chan doll?

Contemporary Fiction

This book about a woman doing up her grandmother’s cottage after the death of her mother charmed me from the first page. One of the best books I’ve read all year.

Science Fiction

This book is so much fun! Dinosaur mechanics, a planet that exports reality television, and murder! I am looking forward to another adventure with Captain Liz and crew.


I read this book after watching the tv adaption. I’m sure I would have loved this tale of an indigenous Canadian youth mixed with folklore anyway, but having enjoyed the program made me appreciate the source material all the more.

Horror Fiction

This horror novella is so much fun! A must read for anyone who saved up for sea monkeys as a child.

A heart breaking horror novella that is too close to reality for comfort, yet told through the Tiffany lamp beauty of Yardley’s prose.

It is all building towards Day 9, and the twists in the tale make this installment one of the best in the series.

Ultra running is a foreign concept to me, so I enjoyed this introduction to the punishing discipline when a man uses his ultra running skills to help a father and son survive a zombie horde.

A preternatural slasher story with great characters, scary scenes and genuine heart.

A modern take on vampires that’s as powerful and impactful to the genre as Dracula was 100+ years ago. I loved the mix of Egyptian mythology, vampire lore, and contemporary London. A masterpiece.

Best Book of the Half Year

I loved all these books, but Hope Cottage and Savage were both stand outs that I’ve thought a lot about since. They are very different books. It is too hard to pick between them.

My best books of the half year are Hope Cottage by Catherine McCarthy AND Savage by Daniel Soule.

What is your favorite read of the year so far? Tell me all about it in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Book of the Half Year 2021”

  1. If you picked two, I can pick two, too, right? White Noise by Rhonda Parrish, poems about the zombie apocalypse. And The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward, a disappearance-mystery thriller. If you happen to pick up that second one, don’t look at any reviews because it’d be SO easy to spoil the story.

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  2. “Hope Cottage” looks terrific, Iseult. My favourite book of the year thus far is unfortunately zilch, as I’m seeing double on everything at present so can’t read a page of words! However will get it fixed soon I hope! My favourite quirky novel of all-time is “Edward Trencom’s Nose” by Giles Milton. It’s a book about cheese and generations of cheese-makers – which is something I initially thoughts was stupid, but it quickly grew into great entertainment!

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