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Optical Delusion by Hunter Shea

Martin Blackstone is surprised when he tries on his son’s cheap X-Ray glasses and discovers they work. He wastes no time using them to perve on women, little realizing that everything comes with a price.

Hunter Shea is a master of writing morally bankrupt characters that are still recognizably human. Martin Blackstone is thoroughly odious – he’s lazy, selfish, unpleasant to his wife and son, and quickly descends into voyeurism. Yet, we are given just enough background to see how he might have become the man he is, and how he managed to get a woman to marry him.

Set in 1978, it was fun traveling back in time and the era explained Blackstone’s obsession with using the specs to see women in their underwear (you only have to turn on the tv or surf the net on your phone to see that now).

The horror element is fun, in a Twilight Zone kind of way, and while I enjoyed the darker side to the X-Ray glasses, my personal preference would have been for the horror aspect to be more extreme.

However, like Just Add Water, another in the Mail Order Massacres series, the emphasis here is on light hearted thrills and scares and, just like it’s predecessor, Optical Delusion is lots of fun.

I award Optical Delusion

Optical Delusion is available for $2.63 ebook on Amazon.

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