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Wulfie Beast in Show by Lindsay J Sedgwick

Wulfie, the purple wulfen, is back and this time he, and his best friend Libby, have to tackle Rex’s Aunt Ilda, who will do anything to get Wulfie so that she can grow rich and famous pretending she bred the world’s first talking, size changing dog.

I enjoyed the first Wulfie book, but I loved the second book even more. It has a stronger (and darker) storyline, where Wulfie is central to the plot, and it involves dog breeders and shows (although nothing like real dog breeders or shows).

I loved learning more about Wulfie’s magical abilities. He can freeze time when he sneezes, and he thought going through a full cycle in the washing machine was fun (I’m afraid reading about it gave me palpitations).

After spending the entire first book missing out on food, I was so happy that Libby finally got to eat – yummy food too, in the form of pizza and an ice cream sundae – even if it was somewhat tainted by being provided by the manipulative Aunt Ilda.

While I was initially taken in by Ilda (how can someone who likes dogs be the bad guy?), she made for an impressive villain. Sedgwick once again surprised me by making me feel sorry for Libby’s stepmother, Veronika, who is a thoroughly wicked person.

As with Wulfie Stage Fright, I loved how the author had Libby making wise and brave decisions, without being mean about any of the characters or seeking revenge.

I particularly enjoyed the important part Wulfie had to play. While he certainly was a catalyst for action in the first book, he took a backseat for much of the story. This time around, Libby and Wulfie are on equal footing as regards their involvement in the plot, which I preferred, and I hope it will stay this way as the series progresses.

I award Wulfie Beast in Show

Wulfie Beast in Show is available for $8.76 print book on Amazon.

Click here to read my review of the first Wulfie book, Wulfie Stage Fright.

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