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Miracle Girl by Sivosethu Ndubela & Tony Pearce

Told in a series of anecdotes, this true story describes life growing up in Port Elizabeth and Cookhouse, South Africa, as Sisovethu Ndubela (or Vovo, as she is called by friends and family) navigates tragedy and serious illness.

The author is truly a miracle girl, and this short book is worth reading if only for her experience with congenital heart disease.

However, it’s the author’s personality that shines through her experiences and her writing. She is feisty, full of life and humor, and her voice fills her tales with warmth.

Some of the stories reminded me of the town where I grew up. Ireland and South Africa are very different countries, yet poverty, family, crime and community are universal.

I loved learning more about Xhosa culture. The author describes daily life, rituals and beliefs with a clarity that paints a vivid picture of growing up in the Port Elizabeth projects.

At the end of the book are photographs of the author and her family, and I loved seeing the faces of the people I’d just read about.

I award Miracle Girl

Miracle Girl is available for $4.72 ebook on Amazon.

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