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Book Launch: Immortelle by Catherine McCarthy

Set in 19th century Wales, Immortelle is the story of skilled potter, Elinor, and her daughter, Rowena.

After Rowena’s sudden, tragic death, Elinor sculpts a beautiful graveside memorial – or immortelle – in the hope that her art can tell her about the darkness that has corrupted her quiet seaside home.

McCarthy has a beautiful, lyrical style that sings as you read it, and it really comes into its own in this novella. The story has three different narrators, two as point of view characters and one in monologue, and each has a distinct voice that never breaks the flow of the overall rhythm.

The plot is simple, but strong, and paced with the organic majesty of the changing seasons. Rich in symbolism, I found the storyline satisfying on many levels, and the complexity of the relationships between the characters, the themes and the paranormal elements far surpassed any twists or turns the plot could have taken in lesser hands.

Creativity is an important element in this novella, shaping the lives of the characters in many ways. The descriptions of Elinor’s work are so rich in detail and so lovingly described I was almost surprised that the artifacts hadn’t become reality purely by reading about them.

To say I loved this book is an understatement. I inhaled it. It is my favorite book of the year so far.

I award Immortelle

Immortelle is available for $4 ebook and $13 print book on Amazon.

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