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The Writing Life by Annie Dillard

A series of essays on writing, Dillard talks about internal and external creative spaces, the dichotomy of simultaneously wanting to write and do anything else in the world, and the general nature of creativity and art. Backed up with quotes from other writers, her writing is often metaphorical but always wondrously descriptive.

A muse on why people write, as well as providing snippets into why and where she writes, Dillard’s book is more a window into the creative soul, or perhaps an affirmation of if, rather than a guide to writing.

The wonderful Priscilla Bettis recommended this book to me last nonfiction November. I found it an engaging, emotive read that highlighted similarities between the creative process in others and my own, as well as giving me serious writing space envy.

Dillard catalogues numerous writing spaces she has frequented and, while she states that where you create isn’t important, it is hard not to read about her cold shed on an island without wanting to set out into the wilds and find such an isolated, inspiration place for myself.

While she at times wanders close to pretension, that dangerous territory seeking to derail any consideration of the creative spirit, The Writing Life for the most part is grounded and delightfully personal.

I award The Writing Life

The Writing Life is available for $7.28 ebook and $6.21 print book on Amazon.

5 thoughts on “The Writing Life by Annie Dillard”

  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out. I loved this book, but I was surprised when I finally figured out (about 1/3 of the way through, duh!) that it’s a writing lifestyle book, not a writing how-to book. Good review!

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