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Burning Shadows by Hayley Reese Chow

This sequel novella to Odriel’s Heirs follows Dragon Heir, Kaia, her ragehound Gus, and Shadow Heir, Klaus, as they track down and destroy the remaining undead Lost.

A call for help from an outpost on the country’s border introduces the Heirs to a new enemy. Kaia offers help without hesitation, but is she ready for the cost of going up against such a formidable foe?

I loved Odriel’s Heirs and was so happy to be back in the world. While I liked Kaia and Klaus in the first book, it was magic, animals and secondary characters that captured my imagination. However, Burning Shadows puts Kaia and Klaus front and center, and now I absolutely love them.

Direfent, the border outpost manned by desperate soldiers under desperate conditions, provided an atmospheric setting for the story. I loved the grittiness and the high stakes of the guardians, tirelessly working to protect their people from the ruthless Rastgol.

The Rastgol were a worthy enemy, and I liked how they tied in both Odriel’s Heirs and Idriel’s Children to the narrative.

Madoc, the man in charge of the guardians, is a great character. I loved his attitude and his banter with Kaia and Klaus.

The heart of the book belongs to the Heirs, and I loved how the author depicted their relationship. They show so much respect and genuine caring towards one another that even I, a romance avoider, cheer for them as a couple.

I award Burning Shadows

Burning Shadows is available for free ebook on Amazon.

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