16 thoughts on “August in Review”

  1. I hope your re-evaluation was successful and helpful, and hopefully will lead to a great September. Some reading and not much writing for me this month, but a lot of time editing and getting nervous (planning for first book to be published November)! Here’s to a good September for everyone!

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  2. August’s national and international news has been tough to take in. But reading-wise, I read some fun or interesting books, and I tried the Readict app for the first time to read Rami Ungar’s The Pure World Comes. The app isn’t my fave with all the ads, but it’s free, so . . . it’s okay.:-) I’m about 1/4 way through Rami’s story, and so far is really good if you’re into Gothic!

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  3. Nothing much happened in my neck of the woods. The Government paid for me to have my eyes tested and glasses procured – which is good because I can now drive and read a book (not at the same time silly).

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