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When the Cicadas Stop Singing by Zachary Ashford

In a post apocalyptic world where civilization has been destroyed by the rise of the lizard men, Cora manages to survive in the Australian wilderness. Relying on her intelligence, and the things left behind in a once thriving camping location, she holds her own in an increasingly dangerous world.

However, it is other survivors who pose the greatest threat to Cora. When a couple stumble upon her, will any of them make it out alive?

First of all, I want to draw attention to the fantastic cover. Look at those lizard men chasing after Cora. It made me so excited to read this book.

I love Zachary Ashford’s writing. When the Cicadas Stop Singing has all the elements that I love about his work: beautiful descriptions of Australia, realistic characters who leap off the page, threatening adversaries, tense action, and emotional depth.

Cora is a compelling character. Her story is moving, and I loved the little touches that made it so relatable, and so heartbreaking. The lizard men are merely the backdrop to this novella, it’s really about keeping your humanity in a hostile and dangerous world, and the combination of action, characters and theme make this an extremely satisfying read.

When the Cicadas Stop Singing is superbly written, with beautiful descriptions one moment and nailing biting tension the next. The pacing is perfect throughout, and the story will run you through an emotional gauntlet.

I award When the Cicadas Stop Singing

When the Cicadas Stop Singing is available for $5.01 ebook on Amazon.

Thank you to the author for giving me an arc and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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7 thoughts on “When the Cicadas Stop Singing by Zachary Ashford”

  1. Good review, Iseult. Cora sounds like a wonderful, three-dimensional character. The cicadas are active right now in central Virginia. When they stop chirruping, it usually means there’s a bear around. Or a Bigfoot, but let’s go with a bear.

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