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Fear Farm No Trespassers by S J Krandall

A series of connected short stories, starting with a woman on a train who is obsessed with missing person cases, followed by the possible true stories of what happened to the missing people.

This is a wonderful idea for a book. Inspired by the author’s family farm, and peppered with photographs of the real location, it adds depth to the descriptions of the woods and fields that appear in the stories.

The stories are written in a style that reminded me of a friend telling a ghost story. I see from reviews that it is a stylistic choice that resonated with many people, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me.

Despite some creepy set pieces, I found the almost omniscient first person point of view distanced me from the story and heightened the implausibility of the character’s actions.

I award Fear Farm No Trespassers

Fear Farm No Trespassers is available for $9.78 ebook and $14.95 print book on Amazon.

Thank you to the author for providing me with a free copy and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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