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New Release: Wulfie Saves the Planet by Lindsay J Sedgwick

About the book

Wulfie returns in Wulfie Saves the Planet, a new story by Lindsay J Sedgwick, illustrated by Rosa Devine.

Libby has been assigned a school project on raising awareness about the environment, but she has absolutely no ideas! Lucky for her, Wulfie is full of ideas! Unluckily for her, Wulfie tackles this project with his usual brand of well-meaning chaos, having slightly misunderstood what the project is meant to look like!

Wulfie grows very big, dons a red cape and Veronika’s eye mask and takes to the streets as a superhero! But Wulfie’s superhero efforts don’t quite go to plan. Can Libby create a winning school project while protecting the planet and her best friend?

My review

It’s so lovely to be back with Wulfie, Libby and their friends.

This is the third book in the series, and Sedgwick made the wise decision for Wulfie to now be an accepted part of Libby’s family, even if he has to pretend to be a dog rather than a wild wulfen from Lupuslandia.

I enjoyed learning more about Libby’s father and seeing inside his inventing room. It’s the wild juxtaposition of having to complete a school report on the environment (normal stuff) with a father who invents cricket bats that turn into ironing boards (home security and personal grooming sorted in one) that really endears me to this series. The fact that Libby has a best friend who is a talking purple wulfen, with three stomachs, size changing abilities and unusual smells is practically mundane compared to some of the activities the adults get up to in Libby’s life.

Learning more about Lupuslandia (I realize I need a disguise before I visit) and Libby’s ancestor, Zebediah F Flanagan, made me excited for the next book, where I hope these threads are thoroughly explored.

Nazim’s pug, Zodiac, who Libby rescued in the last book, is a delightful addition to the cast of characters. I loved her scenes with Wulfie, and I was glad that she had a pivotal part to play.

However, as with the first two books, it was the heart and emotional depth of this novel that elevated it beyond a fun, magical read. The scenes near the end nearly had me in tears, and the final chapters brought me back to my own childhood.

I award Wulfie Saves the Planet

Wulfie Saves the Planet is available for €8 print book from Little Island Books.

Thank you to the publisher and the author for providing me with an arc and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

About the author

A former journalist, Lindsay Jane Sedgwick is a versatile and imaginative award-winning screenwriter and playwright. Her first novel, Dad’s Red Dress was published in March 2017, her second, The Angelica Touch in Feb 2018 and they were followed by Write That Script, a comprehensive character-driven guide to writing for the screen.

Lindsay has worked in an unusually wide range of media and for a wide range of audiences and clients. From short films to features to creating TV series, from family films to psychological thrillers, from games and apps to children’s animation, from books for adults, YA and children to non-fiction, from stage plays (14 productions in the UK and Ireland) ot interactive narrative and character creation.

Click on the links below to find out more about her on her website, or follow her on social media.



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