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Galvanism and Ghouls by Tilly Wallace

Carrying on almost immediately after the end of the first book, Galvanism and Ghouls introduces a group of scientists running experiments to cure the ‘Afflicted’ (rich zombie women who control their hunger for human flesh by daily consuming a small amount of human brains, or pickled cauliflower).

When ambulatory limbs start terrorizing Chelsea, Hannah’s father is accused of murder. Can Hannah force herself to work with the brooding Lord Wycliff in order to clear her father’s name?

I’m many ways this second book is superior to the first in the series. The writing is smoother, more is revealed about the characters, and the plot is slightly more complex. However, it does lose some of the charm of encountering the situation for the first time.

This installment is channeling Frankenstein, so the Austen elements are greatly downplayed in favor of a darker gothic feel, and parallels to the Munsters and Addams Family can’t help being drawn as a Frankenstein monster and an ambulatory hand are added to Hannah’s household (along with a spaniel!).

There are some very exciting developments in this book, both expected and surprising, and I can’t wait to read the next book to learn more. I hope Dr Housom, the ageless mentor of Hannah’s father, makes a reappearance in a future volume.

I award Galvanism and Ghouls

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