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Fantasy Novella Preorder Now Available

Today Rowan is on a one way mission to kill the queen.

Rowan is driven by revenge.

She has convinced the other rebels that she wants to assassinate the ruthless queen to end her cruel acts against her subjects, but for Rowan, this suicide mission is personal.

As one of the last remaining wood witches, will her earth magic be strong enough to stop the queen’s star magic?

Argento wants to end the killing.

Desperate to save the country he loves, the former palace guard will do anything to stop the queen, even if he has to work with the enemy.

When the rebels want to use the queen’s star magic against her, Argento has to ask – how far is too far?

United by their common enemy, Rowan and Argento, believer and skeptic, learn that the queen is not the only danger to the kingdom, and if their plan succeeds, they could still fail the country they seek to protect.

The Mountains of Sorrow is the first in the dragon elemental series of fantasy novellas. If you like fast paced fantasy adventures, with strong characters, animal companions, and insidious villains, you’ll love this series from award winning author, Iseult Murphy.

Buy The Mountains of Sorrow today to discover if a wood witch and a disgraced palace guard can save a kingdom.

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