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Gossip and Gorgons by Tilly Wallace

In the third installment of the Manners and Monsters series, Hannah travels to a house party. However, it’s not all fun and games as one of the guests turns to stone. Forced to investigate, Hannah and Wycliff grow closer as they unearth some sordid secrets from their fellow guests.

Wallace is so at home writing about Georgian times. The characters are real people, the struggles are universal, and the customs and mores of the time are perfectly represented.

While the mystery of this book is a strong element, the focus is on the characters and their relationships. There is a lot of heartache and tragedy, and no magic is needed. The interplay between the guests at the house party is realistic and worthy of Austen herself.

I love how Hannah and Wycliff are growing as characters. Their relationship progresses slowly, but it appeals to me more because of that. More details about their pasts are revealed. Wycliff mellows slightly, and Hannah gains a new perspective.

The magical elements play second fiddle in this book, but they’re still exciting. I particularly love Hannah’s conversations with her distant mother via garden birds. As the title reveals, the myth of Medusa has a part to play in this story. As it’s a favorite of mine, I was excited to see how Wallace would handle it, and I wasn’t disappointed.

This series has become my comfort read go to. Vampires appear in the next book, and I’m looking forward to diving in.

I award Gossip and Gorgons

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