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Joseph Sale Month: Desecrated Empires

Written with Edward Kennard and Robert Monaghan (I wonder if he wears a menpō in real life?), this is not a book you read through in one sitting. This is a tome you pour over, preferably by candle light, while you laugh manically at the thought of the brave adventurers who will have to experience the fiendish campaign you are planning.

First of all, I want to mention the beautiful artwork on the front cover by Tithi Luadthong (aka Grandfailure). Isn’t it epic? I could stare at it all day.

Desecrated Empires is the gaming manual for rpg (or role playing games) set in Dead World. Written simply but also with great wit, presenting complex knowledge in easy to understand terms, this volume is a wonderful introduction to Dead World, or any rpg system. It provides all the information you need to develop your characters and plan your campaigns.

I am familiar with the principle of the game from playing D&D, but I particularly liked Centaur as a playable race, and Gunslinger as a choice of class.

My favorite part of the manual was the bestiary. The range of creatures within those pages had me alternating between chuckles and grimaces. I would love to see how a centaur gunslinger would fare against some of the beasties.

The volume is peppered with illustrations by Linda E Sale, and I particularly liked the depictions of the creatures in the bestiary. However, if I have one complaint, it is that I wish there were more illustrations. Even simple line drawings for each character and creature would be a nice touch.

There is one other downside to reading this book. You will want to start adventuring in Dead World, so perhaps gather your team together in advance so that you can start your campaign without delay.

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I award Desecrated Empires

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