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Joseph Sale Month: The Tower Outside of Time

Joseph Sale’s new book, The Tower Outside of Time, will be released on April 15th. If you’ve read Dark Hilarity and The Tunnel, The Tower Outside of Time connects these two books in an exciting way.

I haven’t read The Tower Outside of Time, but I’ve preordered my copy and I can’t wait to find out what happens. I also love the cover!

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About the book

Eighteen years after their traumatic journey into the dreamworld of Dae’eshta, and their confrontation with the serial killer Jed Maine, Tara Dufrain and Nicola Morgan are a couple living in London, trying to heal their past. But London itself is still reeling from the destruction caused by Jack, a man-eating monster responsible for hundreds of killings along the waterways of the city. Georgie Jones and Tracey Gundu, the two young women who helped stop the beast, are trying to move on with their lives, but how can Georgie move on when she still bear the scars?

What none of these women know is that dark forces are once again moving; Jed Maine, or rather his Shadow, still lives, and defeat has driven him to the ultimate desperation: to seek the fabled Tower wherein lies the Black Diamond of godhood.

Only Tara, Nicola, Georgie, and Tracey can stop him, but can they survive such a journey? And what will be left of them if they do? As the four fates of these heroic women combine in the place that lies outside of time, everything previously known will be utterly re-written.

This mythical epic will leave you shaken to the foundations as Sale reveals the secret truth of Dae’eshta. This is a story of how forbidden knowledge tests us, of friendship and love in the face of suffering, and of the courage required to meet a terrible destiny.

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