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Dan Soule: 4 Story Edition

I love Dan Soule’s work, so when he recently released four horror short story singles, I snapped them up.

The Black Cloak of Its Wings

The shortest of the four stories, there is little I can say about it that won’t spoil it. I can say, however, that it is beautifully written and full of lush description. It is also a story that will pull at your heart.

Despite its short length, the story covers a lot of ground and packs a punch. It contains the genius of his novels distilled into a perfect little vessel.

I must mention the cover. I love the image, in fact I love all the covers in this series. The strong illustrations and the stark black and white design really work well.

Good Weed

I really enjoyed this story of Manny, a hard working handyman who takes pleasure in doing his job well, even if he has an impossible boss.

In this story, the company Manny works for produces a wonderful weight loss product called Mana. I’d certainly like to get my hands on a couple of bars, even though, like all fictional weight loss schemes that work, there is a dark side to the company.

I thought the story would take a different direction, but I was pleased with how it ended.
Soule’s writing is great, and he creates a surprisingly deep world with this layered story.


Judy has been trying to sell her father’s car, but things keep going wrong. Perhaps this time she will succeed?

I’ve read a few stories about cars that are more than they seem, so I had a good idea where this story was going from the start. However, kudos to Soule for subverting my expectations.

This story had an extra dimension, like all of Soule’s work, and it made me think about the characters and what led them to the point where they connected. Of the four stories in the series, this was the one I’d like to know what happened next. Not because the ending wasn’t satisfying, but because I was intrigued about how the scenario would play out going forward.

The Slaughterman’s Tale

It’s the end of an era. After forty years of service, poor Sidney gets to clean up on his last day of work in the abattoir, but is he alone in the slaughterhouse?

This story struck me as a folk tale. Perhaps it’s the 1980s setting, and Thatcher era Britain. Maybe it’s the character of Sidney, or who he meets in the abattoir. Overall, it gave me that creepy feeling at the back of my neck I get when I read stories about ghosts, banshees, and other paranormal folk from around Ireland.

I award all four stories…

You can buy these four stories separately on Amazon, or you can get them and other stories free when you sign up to Dan Soule’s newsletter.

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