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The Sun Sets Nonetheless by Priscilla Bettis

This short story was published in The Vampire Connoisseur, an anthology of vampire fiction edited by Todd Sullivan.

Told in first person by an unnamed narrator, this story focuses on a man alone after the loss of his wife and son.

Once more Bettis excels in her power of description and ability to create atmosphere. I sat on the porch with the protagonist and watched the sun sink below the horizon. I could smell the surroundings and feel the heat of the evening.

This was a perfect short story for me. The beautiful writing set the scene. The plot was tense and exciting. The underlying themes were thoughtful and emotional. The pacing built to a tense and breathless crescendo.

It is hard to find a new angle for vampires these days, and while this story gave me echoes of Near Dark and 30 Days of Night (both a good thing and a reflection of my mindset rather than the author’s intention), I loved Bettis’s original twist on vampires.

I award The Sun Sets Nonetheless

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