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Picture prompts for creative writing

Picture prompts are a fun creative writing exercise. You find a picture and challenge yourself to write a short story or poem inspired by the image.

Author David Rae is sharing a picture he drew every week on his blog, and encouraging readers to participate by posting a short story inspired by his drawing in the comments.

It’s a lot of fun, and you should check out the pictures and stories even if you don’t want to take part.

He’s shared two images and a photograph so far. Click on the names below to visit the posts.

The Dolphin

The Nodding Doll


I look forward to seeing the image he posts next week.

13 thoughts on “Picture prompts for creative writing”

  1. This is very cool. In the downtime between writing projects I find myself sketching more and more. I’m no very good but I find it really therapeutic and it stimulates the narrative imagination. I think Herrerias said that sketching was one of the purest forms of tapping into the imagination because it’s quick and immediate so the creative spark does not have to be sustained. Great post as always Iseult!

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