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Wulfie A Ghostly Tail by Lindsay J Sedgwick

I love these series of books. They are so fun! This might be the most bonkers one yet.

Libby’s horrible stepmother, Veronika, wants to sell Libby’s lovely quirky family home, but when Veronika thinks the house might be haunted, she jumps at the chance to be famous.

I loved the beginning of this book. It was so nice to see Libby happy and well fed. I loved her father taking care of her for a change. Of course, these happy times couldn’t last.

The middle part of the novel reminded me of those hilarious episodes of Frasier, like ‘The Innkeepers’, when Frasier and Niles open a restaurant. Lots of crazy activity takes place when Wulfie gets stuck in the pipes and Libby’s family decide to turn on the water, with hilarious consequences. Sedgwick’s script writing chops are clearly evident in these chapters. They would make for some laugh out loud animation or live action antics.

The last part of the book is where the ghost hunting comes to the fore, and as I love ghosts and stories about ghost hunting, I particularly loved this section. It was nice to see JJ Moon, the tv presenter from the second book, make a reappearance.

The book ended on a lovely note, with a bit more information about Zebadiah, Libby’s ancestor whose trunk Wulfie emerged from in the first book.

A great read, highly entertaining, and lovely to spend more time with Libby and Wulfie.

I award Wulfie A Ghostly Tail

14 thoughts on “Wulfie A Ghostly Tail by Lindsay J Sedgwick”

    1. It’s pitched as 6-9+, if that helps. But my step daughter has been reading them to her daughter (just turned five) and she’s loving them! IThe series began as bedtime stories for my own daughter so I wanted to write them so they’d be fun to read aloud. L

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  1. Are you sure? They make mischievous houseguests!!
    Thanks for the lovely review. I’ve always been a bit bonkers and I think I might like this book the best of the series so far!

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    1. YES! I need a mischievous houseguest who can change size, stop time, and eat bullies!

      It’s a triumph, Lindsay. Very funny, and lots more details about the old trunk and Wulfie, which I loved! Also, Libby got to eat for a change, which made me so happy.


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