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Do You Get What You Pray For by O R Lea

For 24 years Alma has been haunted by scapegoat, a terrifying goat headed man, but no one believes that he exists outside of her imagination.

After moving to a new town to start a new life and a new job, Alma’s new friends start dying. Can she finally persuade others that scapegoat is real and, if so, is there a chance she can escape his clutches?

I enjoyed this mystery thriller from O.R Lea. Alma was a sympathetic character, and her background explained her frequent lapses in judgement.

The setting of the university town was realistically described, and I loved the little touches in the world building, such as the student bar, the occult shop, Alma’s new employer’s dog, and the sights and smells of Robyn’s flat.

As far as the mystery is concerned, I figured it out very quickly, but I still enjoyed the journey. Lea provides plenty of foreshadowing and everything made sense, which I liked.

Thematically, there are hints about the conflict (or connection) of the occult, religion, and superstition. Alma’s Wiccan practice, her friend Ryan’s Catholicism, and their religious upbringing all play a big part in the book. There are some great quotes, and I loved the eager Evangelicals trying to convert the campus, as well the depictions of the occult shop. However, ultimately the theme of beliefs seemed to be delightful window dressing, and I was disappointed that it didn’t build to a more satisfying conclusion.

This is my first book by the author, and I look forward to reading his other works.

I award Do You Get What You Pray For

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