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Giveaway: Name a character in a book.

Would you like to see your name in one of my books?

For the third annual Joe Joseph Award for Literary Achievement, I’m giving away another two chances for your name to appear in one of my books.

Perhaps you’d like your name to join the ranks of brave winners, such as Emma Wolski, who leant her name to a veterinary surgeon in 7 Weeks in Hell, or Cassandra Darensbourg, who became a rebel in The Mountains of Sorrow, or David Rae, who was last seen as a celebrity chef in Dead Jimmy, or Rami Ungar, who gave his name to a sleeping wizard in Bête Noire.

This year, you not only get to choose whether your namesake will be on the side of the heroes or the villains, but you can also pick whether your name will appear in one of my horror, fantasy or science fiction books.

Click on the button below to enter the giveaway, but be warned. The character bearing your name will most likely meet a gruesome end. They will be in one of my books, after all. Good luck!

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