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Book Launch and Giveaway: The Pure World Comes by Rami Ungar

Congratulations to Rami Ungar on the release of his fabulous gothic horror novel, The Pure World Comes, as an ebook and print book.

This is a scary and chilling read, with a great main character, and I highly recommend it.

About the book

Shirley Dobbins wants nothing more than to live a quiet life and become a head housekeeper at a prestigious house. So when she is invited to come work for the mysterious baronet Sir Joseph Hunting at his estate, she thinks it is the chance of a lifetime. However, from the moment she arrives things are not what they seem. As she becomes wrapped up in more of the baronet’s radical science, she realizes something dark and otherworldly is loose within the estate. And if left unchecked, it’ll claim the lives of all she holds dear.

About the author

Rami Ungar is an author from Columbus, Ohio specializing in horror and dark fantasy. He is constantly working on new projects and trying to find new ways to scare his readers, the Followers of Fear. In the past, he has self-published two books, The Quiet Game: Five Tales to Chill Your Bones and Snake, and published the novel Rose with Castrum Press. His next book, Hannah and Other Stories, will be published with BSC Publishing Group.

When not writing, Rami enjoys reading, following his many interests, and giving his readers the impression that he’s not entirely human.

Giveaway alert

Want to get your grubby little mitts on a signed copy of The Pure World Comes? Click on the link below to enter the giveaway.

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