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Indie Author Top Tip for getting Readers

One problem for all authors is to get their book noticed by readers. If you’re an indie author with a limited budget, it can be even more difficult to get your book seen.

Running a free or discounted promotion is a great way to find readers, but without advertising it will be unlikely that anyone will know that you’re giving away your book.

Bookbub is a great way to draw attention to your promotion, but the deals are expensive and highly competitive.

The Fussy Librarian is a similar curated newsletter sharing free or discounted books with subscribers. It’s affordable and easy to schedule and, what’s even better, you can use it to promote your reader magnet and grow your email list as well as sharing discounts on your published books.

I’ve run several Fussy Librarian promotions, with an average of around 1000 downloads per book, and hundreds of newsletter sign ups through my reader magnet. What’s even better, I’ve seen a huge increase in sales and Kindle Unlimited reads for weeks after my promotion.

After trying many free and paid options (working on a limited budget), The Fussy Librarian has, to date, been my most successful way to get more readers.

10 thoughts on “Indie Author Top Tip for getting Readers”

      1. Independent author in this case, which can also stand for an independent publisher or small press.

        You’d be much better at it than me, Bruce! Happy to help in any way if you ever decide to release your work on a different platform 😊❤️

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