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Blindspots by Rhonda Parrish

In a world of almost exclusively dogs, veteran pilot Ricky is trying to find his place in postwar life. When his brother, Jasper, goes missing, Ricky recruits the old gang for one last mission. The war might be over, but is the world really at peace?

Blindspots has the air of a 1940s post WWII movie; part plight of the demobbed GI, part noir mystery, but with dogs. I loved it.

The world building is great. Dogs addicted to chocolate pass out in doorways in the seedy side of town. Magic users (yes, there’s magic) wear collars with crystals that power their spells. Dogs use their noses, lap from bowls, and sleep on pillows (as well as fly planes, shoot specially designed guns, and play poker). At first I was surprised that the dogs lived in human style buildings, but it’s explained in an imaginative way.

The blind spots of the title refer to Ricky’s relationships with his brother, Jasper, love interest, Ari, and his fellow veterans Fenton, Moo, Meep, and snowy owl, Winter. Following a betrayal during the war, Ricky can’t believe any of his friends were guilty, which is a mistake that might cost him his life.

Tonally, the novel walks a fine line between cute – Ricky thinks he’s dying if he hasn’t eaten for five minutes – and extremely serious – torture, swearing, war – however Parrish keeps it from falling too far into either territory, and the result is fast paced, original and fun.

Further enhanced by beautiful illustrations by Allie MacAlister, I thoroughly enjoyed this unusual novel that brought together dogs, magic, and war in an entertaining package.

Blindspots is available exclusively on Rhonda Parrish’s Patreon. Click here to find out more.

I award Blindspots

8 thoughts on “Blindspots by Rhonda Parrish”

  1. It seems to be hard to write human-like dogs well but it sounds like the author has nailed it! Dogs and magic sound like a super combination too, and definitely a book I’d like to read! Thanks for the review!

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