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Ser Ghostwriter by Joshua Derrick

After the death of his mentor, young poet in training Ed decides to enter a poetry slam tournament, where poets duel with magical haikus, limericks and couplets.

Success at the tournament will prove Ed as a master poet and help him get work as a ghostwriter, a traveling Po who helps communities by writing magical verse.

However, with the tournaments dominated by the ruling families of the realm’s nobles – the Frosts, Yates, and Keats – does a young Po stand a chance of success?

What an inventive, fun, exciting book!
Set in a world where words have power – actual magical power, so that poems can hurt or heal when spoken by someone with training – poets (or Po) are people of such importance they hold tournaments (or slams) where they joust with words.

I love the idea of poems playing such an important part in this world. While I chuckled at the references to real poems and poets, the author has taken the idea and developed it into a three dimensional fantasy world that worked and made sense beyond the superficial fun of muses, pos and literary name dropping.

Ed, the scribe of a wandering ghostwriter turned poet in his own right, is a likable and compelling character. The rest of the characters are also great, although I did sometimes get confused between the Yates and Frost families.

The plot contains the classic fantasy elements I love, showing the importance of truth, and the courage to stand up for what’s right. There is an intriguing mystery element concerning the nobles, which added an extra dimension of complexity.

I loved the character of Ed, and the world of magical poets, and I hope there will be more adventures set in this exciting fantasy realm.

I award Ser Ghostwriter

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  1. I am not really into poetry slam, but I can certainly understand the excitement of it, especially after I read Rupi Kaur, who said the moment she stood on the stage to deliver a poem, she’s transformed.

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