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Things Slip Through by Kevin Lucia

When new sheriff, Chris Baker, notices weird things happening in Clifton Heights, his friends decide to let him in on the secret.

Through the magical writing of novelist turned teacher, Gavin Patchett, the true stories of what happened to absent members of Clifton Heights is revealed.

Soon Sheriff Baker discovers that it is a very strange town he lives in, very strange indeed.

I love interconnected stories about a town, especially when strange things are happening and the stories are filled with horror.

Clifton Heights is full of weird disappearances. Each story tells a different possible outcome to some of the missing citizens of the town. I enjoyed some more than others, but all are well told.

The framing device linking the stories didn’t work so well for me. The idea of the writer who now writes the truth about these weird happenings didn’t thrill me, but that’s a personal thing I have about writers in fiction who can write mystical truths.

A well written, interesting collection of stories that is sure to please horror fans.

I award Things Slip Through

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