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Where fantasy and horror meet

I love reading fantasy books, and I love reading horror books. I especially love when these two genres collide. However, I know not everyone enjoys both genres.

I published my first fantasy book last November (The Mountains of Sorrow) and I plan to publish my next one in September.

My monthly fantasy newsletter is full of my adventures in writing fantasy, my new and up coming releases, fantasy books that look interesting and news about my feline partner in crime, Master Cat.

If you are interested in signing up, I have a new fantasy novelette to thank you for subscribing. This book is exclusive to my subscribers and isn’t available anywhere else.

Take a look at the description below and, if it grabs your interest, why not click on the button to sign up to my fantasy newsletter and claim your free copy.

Is love strong enough to melt the coldest heart?

Neci notices the changes in Hoddle as soon as he returns from the mountains, but it’s not until after they are wed that the world begins to freeze.

Now the animals of winter are telling her that she must kill her husband to break the curse, but surely there is another way?

A fantasy fairy tale for those who love The Snow Queen and Bluebeard.

7 thoughts on “Where fantasy and horror meet”

  1. I signed up for the newsletter. Unfortunately however,, trying to get your book was an overly complicated, non-user friendly, non-accessibility user friendly, confusing big fat hassle.

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  2. I happen to love genre mashups. My current WIP ended up being horror fantasy, and I think tying in those elements is a great way to get new readers and help them broaden their horizons at the same time. 🙂

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