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Preorder Now: Dead Jimmy

Someone has murdered Jimmy Campbell and stolen his soul, and he needs his nephew, Cory, to help him solve the case.

It’s a hard life for a private investigator, especially when you’re a zombie. Sometimes you don’t know whether to listen to the femme fatale or eat her intestines.

With a murderer on the loose, turning some of Castletown’s notables into flesh eating zombies, Dead Jimmy hopes he can retain enough of his former skills to solve the case and find his soul jar before he gives into his hunger.

But what have the mayor, a celebrity chef, and a personal assistant got to do with the spate of zombies terrorizing the town? It’s up to Dead Jimmy, and his nephew Cory, to find out.

Sam Spade meets Z Nation with urban fantasy elements in the first installment of this horror comedy detective series.

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