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A Voice in the Silence by D.L. Finn

Recently widowed, Drea has the added suffering of losing her animal companions, leaving her alone and depressed. Her adult son is distanced from her due to a toxic marriage, adding more pain to Drea. At the start of the book, she’s in a dark place and contemplating ending her life.

However, the arrival of a dog, a cat, and a rat in need of a home introduces Drea to an exciting, dangerous world of serial killers, secret experiments and more.

Can it be, that just as Drea has found a reason to embrace life again, she’s going to lose it?

I loved Drea. It’s easy to sympathize with her. She’s a strong, caring, resourceful woman and a great character.

Part of this book has a fantastic science fiction thriller story line with genetically enhanced talking animals, ghosts and killers. I loved those elements of the plot, and there’s one awesome showdown with Drea, the animals, and someone important in their lives.

However, this book is primarily about Drea finding love and a reason to keep living, so it focuses on her relationships, everyday activities, and the ordinary side of life. It’s very well written, her life in the woods is realistically portrayed, and the small town characters are all well drawn.

I loved the idea of the animals, a serial killer, and secret lab, and they just weren’t given the priority that I craved.

If you’re looking for a heart warming tale of an older woman finding new friends and love, with a little bit of adventure, you will really enjoy this book.

I award A Voice in the Silence

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