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Tesato’s Code by Karen Bayly

In a future world run by corporations, an assassin realizes her fellow assassins are being picked off one by one, and she will have to keep her wits about her in order to survive.

This novella reminded me of Brave New World, where humanity is sorted into grades of worthiness and the masses are controlled through drugs and the media.

Lily Tesato is an assassin for HiveCorp. In her world there is no crime, or justice, only reassignment for those who break the rules, or assassination for those who are particularly dangerous to HiveCorp. 

I loved Lily. Her complexities are well conveyed, and her code makes sense in the hellish landscape of the possible future where she exists. I particularly liked the nuances of her unusual past and her friendship with fellow assassin, Bez.

I also really loved Maree T68, a woman assigned to domestic duty, and I would loved to have spent more time with her.

This is a compelling, absorbing novella set in a horrific, but believable world, with interesting and complex characters. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer!

I award Tesato’s Code

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