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Preorder – New Fantasy Anthology

I am thrilled to announce that I have a novelette in the new fantasy anthology from Skullgate Media.

Set in the eighteenth century, The Toymaker is the story of Sally O’Dea, a former changeling. Her pet pigeon is cruelly killed when Sally refuses a suitor’s proposal, but as she lives in New Albion, death is only the beginning of her tale.

This is a very personal story for me. It’s sweet, emotional, and quietly magical.

The anthology will be released in paperback and ebook on September 1st, and you can preorder the ebook now.

New Albion is a faerie city located on a magical island just off the coast of New York. It appeared, Brigadoon-like, in 1687, and the sudden arrival of elves, dwarves, and ancient magic shook the mundane world. Following the American Revolution in 1776, New Albion became its own sovereign nation, and as the centennial of its arrival approaches, the city is filled with intrigue, danger, excitement… and of course, magic.

Chronicles of New Albion-1787 tells the tales of one year in the history of New Albion. It can stand on its own, but for the full experience, make sure to get the other three books, set in 1887, 1987, and 2187. From frock-coats to cyberpunks, you’ll want to read all four volumes that make up the urban fantasy Chronicles of New Albion!

17 thoughts on “Preorder – New Fantasy Anthology”

      1. Thanks. I am not familiar with this world so I hope I’m not super lost. But I am looking to read some new fantasy and Sci-Fi. Pigeons are birds and I like ducks so I should have no problem getting into it. I’d be upset if someone killed a pet duck so I already have some empathy going.

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      2. I hope you will let me know what you think. I think all the stories combine to give a good flavor of the world, but it will be interesting to hear what someone who wasn’t involved with the planning thinks of it!
        It sounds like you will understand Sally’s pain!

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