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Brady by D.W Hitz

After his dog dies, Karl’s life takes a dark turn as a tentacled horror hunts him from another dimension.

This is an exciting cosmic horror novella, which came as a total surprise to me as I expected the titular Brady to transform into a tentacled hell beast, judging by the cover and description. However, I was glad to have my expectations disappointed.

What I liked: The cosmic horror elements are well described. They’re suitably scary and horrible. I loved the dimension shifting, dream aspects of the story. The transformation scene is also really good. The action, blood and gore is top notch. Plus, I love stories with dogs.

What didn’t work for me: I didn’t expect all the answers, but there were elements of the plot that were too vague for me. I’d like a little more information about the disc, and who looked after Brady for the three years Karl was absent. While I liked the hints at Karl’s backstory, I wish they’d been developed further. While the horror action was excellent, other aspects of the story needed more work.

Altogether, a really entertaining, quick read. I loved how the image of Brady was used as a chapter header. Very nice artwork indeed.

I award Brady

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