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Moon Sitting by EM Harding

After a celestial body crashes into Infinity, killing billions, the survivors set up a constant watch of three observers to act as an early warning system in case the mysterious object should further damage the planet.

Plagued by nightmares of the object, one of the moon-sitters, Lucky, is driven to find out more about the thing she has given her life to watch.

This is a beautiful, surprising science fiction novella that has nothing to do with humans baby sitting the moon (as I thought from the title!)

The alien world is accessible while being delightfully different from our world. I imagined the people to be descended from reptiles or dinosaur like creatures, and I loved that.

The dual timeline of Lucky’s past and present was extremely well done, and is a plot structure that I particularly like.

The characters are well drawn and I liked their different personalities.

What I loved best was the theme of the book, and the different moral dilemmas it posited. It makes the book layered and thoughtful, and something I’ll think about long after I’ve finished reading.

I have two little nitpicks about this book, however. One is the frequent use of floor where I think ground would be more appropriate. Frequent readers of this blog will know that it is one of my bugbears.

The other is that I think it is incorrect to call the object that landed on the planet a moon, as it never was a satellite of Infinity, therefore it isn’t technically a moon. Asteroid would perhaps have been a more appropriate term.

I award Moon Sitting

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