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Mermaids and Mayhem by Erin Hayes

18 year old Tara recently joined Neptune’s aquarium as a mermaid performer, and is now touring the aquariums of the United States.

While performing in Houston, she is surprised to discover she can communicate with a newly captured dolphin calf. Returning to his enclosure one evening, she encounters a very merman-like figure trying to rescue the calf, and so her adventure begins…

I enjoyed this fun mermaid adventure story. What elevated it for me was the role of the marine animals in the story and Tara’s job as a mermaid performer in an aquarium.

I liked Tara. I thought the mermaid performances sounded lots of fun. I really liked how she wanted to help the dolphins and when she heard them talk – I was hooked!

The underwater descriptions were beautiful and imaginative. 

The plot was simple, but I liked it and Tara’s role in the story. 

I wasn’t a fan of the romance or the royalty aspect, but I know it’s standard in these kind of books and it was okay. 

A very entertaining mermaid tale.

I award Mermaids and Mayhem

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