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Little Town Creeps 3 by Courtneey J Williams

It’s great to be back in Little Town with the creeps!

Following straight on from the vampire attack on the zoo that ended book 2, Tyler, Alex, Cuddy and Gorby, along with Tonya and Nisa, are busy keeping Little Town safe from monstrous attacks.

The vampires that plagued the town have gone dormant, but that only buys a little time for the creeps to work out how to stop them, and even more pressing is the rogue werewolf still on the loose.

As our intrepid heroes face danger once again, all they need to succeed is to remember: science beats myth!

I love this series so much. The creeps are hilarious, with their banter and pop culture references, but it’s their intelligence and heart that makes these books so addictive.

Werewolves are front and center once more in this book, and even though I would have liked to see the creeps tackle a new monster, they manage to bring new solutions to an old problem.

I liked how the difference between wanting to be a werewolf versus having it thrust upon you was brought up in this book, and led to an interesting development. I look forward to seeing how this pans out in further books.

The horror scenes are original and scary. The solutions are unexpected and clever. I’m going to dive straight into the next book.

I award Little Town Creeps 3

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