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Mermaid to the Rescue by Nikki Haverstock

Could there be a serial killer loose in Purgatory Falls? Paranormals are losing their heads, and Brooke has been enlisted with Twyla and Esmeralda to discover who and what is killing them.

With Twyla on the mend after her accident, will Brooke be in town long enough to help catch the killer? It seems unlikely when Brooke’s mother arrives unexpectedly to drag Brooke back to her old life.

I love the Purgatory Falls books, and this is my favorite book yet.

I loved this mystery. A killer with a weapon powerful enough to behead an ancient, magical, paranormal being is a strong threat to the inhabitants of the town. This book presented a different side to the inhabitants of Purgatory Falls, which I liked. Esmeralda’s different uses of magic to find the weapon were imaginative and exciting. I loved the action packed climax, and I found the resolution of the killer the most satisfying of the series.

Brooke is such a great character and I love watching her grow through each book. I emphasize with her struggle to find her feet and discover her worth. The friends she has made in Purgatory Falls are all so great. I love how they accept Brooke for who she is. The author shows so well how much Brooke struggles because of her domineering mother, how much she doubts herself and feels incapable, yet it’s also clear how capable and talented she really is, and how much her friends believe in her and trust her.

I really loved that Brooke’s mother turned up in this book! It was so realistic that she’d arrive to take Brooke home. It’s obvious how much she cares for her daughter, and she’s not a woman who takes no for an answer! I liked seeing their relationship from another perspective, and I felt her inclusion added depth to the characters and the world.

More than ever I wish I could live in Purgatory Falls. I really want to eat in The Bull in the Bookshop restaurant. It would be fun to visit the real place that inspired it, but I don’t think it would be the same without Tavros the Minotaur.

I award Mermaid to the Rescue

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