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Coffee and Thorn Book Tour: Milking the Cat by Theophanes Avery

About Milking The Cat

Milking the Cat is a tongue-in-cheek collection of animal related tales as recounted by a pet owner, former breeder, and farmer in New England. Each story revolves around the funny and absurd winding the reader into increasingly ridiculous situations. From naked cats, to psychopathic cockatoos, to love sick horses, and misplaced bats, you’ll find it all here.

My Review

There’s a lot of humor in this book, and the author has a lovely, friendly writing style that draws you in and keeps you eagerly reading. However, there is also a lot of tragedy within these pages. The tragedy inherent with keeping companion animals, because their lifespan is so much shorter than ours. There’s also the tragedy of animal abuse and neglect, which is impossible to avoid when you have anything to do with animals. Not inflicted by the author, I hasten to add, but witnessed and often attempted to alleviate.

My favourite parts of the book concern farming. The author appears to truly love farming, and writes with such joy and love about the homesteader life that it’s a pleasure to read. While I’m not a farmer, I’ve lived around farms my entire life, so it saddens me to read how distant some people have grown to animal husbandry and agriculture. I loved reading about the author’s efforts to return to older methods for raising livestock and to breed happy, healthy animals. I wish more people had this attitude.

The parts detailing the author as a child educating others, especially adults, on biology, anatomy and all things animal related made me chuckle, as I too was that sort of child. I share with the author a wealth of animal facts, a keen desire to learn more, a love of nature, and, unfortunately, poor health. My adventures in keeping animals is no where as extensive or interesting however!

It was nice to discover that I am not the only one who has found the information in animal books to be wildly inaccurate and contrary to how even well known beasts like cats and dogs actually behave!

I highly recommend this book to all animal lovers and I will be on the look out for the author’s fictional works, as I’m sure they’ll be well written, interesting, and entertaining.

About The Author

Theophanes Avery is a brazen millennial author who defies all odds to give legitimacy to all the voices in their head. They do it all – they blog, write novels, create master polymer clay sculptures, take vibrant nature photography, and draw a weekly comic – at Glen the Caterpillar dot com.

You’ll find no fancy education under their name, no illustrious awards, no fawning acclaim, just the raw determination and quirky humor of someone who has lived a hardscrabble life in the woods of New England.

They published their first book Honoring Echo in 2018. It was about their strange life taking an epic road trip across all the Lower 48 States before settling a farm, all while juggling chronic health issues and toxic relationships. But that was only the beginning. Milking the Cat came next and told the wild and whimsical stories of the animals in Avery’s life and now they are currently working on several works of fiction and continue to update their numerous blogs when time allows.

In the meanwhile they continue to wander, explore, learn, laugh, love, and defy gender norms in celebration of self.

Twitter: @TheophanesAvery

Instagram: @through_the_looking_glass_farm

6 thoughts on “Coffee and Thorn Book Tour: Milking the Cat by Theophanes Avery”

  1. Thank you for sharing. This is such an interesting book because I am a cat lover although I am too lazy to have a cat myself. It is an intriguing book and I enjoy your description of the fierce young author as well.

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