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You don’t scare me, 2023!

Okay, you do scare me, but I thought I should start the year strong.

This month I’m taking part in Bloganuary, which encourages regular blogging by providing a daily prompt. Today’s question is:

What is something you want to achieve this year?

My answer is:

Publish more books.

Last year I got organized with my writing and scheduled preorders and promotions, but unfortunately my physical and mental health rebelled and I ended up cancelling most of my releases.

I hope to avoid the pitfalls I fell into last year, and release at least three books.

Fantasy: Bête Noire

Maya longs to belong as she navigates a dangerous world full of nightmare creatures.

An air dragon fantasy novella in the Elemental Dragon series.

Science Fiction: What’s Eating Steve?

Mac races to stop her fellow shuttle pilot, Steve, when his increasingly erratic behavior endangers not only her job, but the entire space station where they live.

A light hearted space opera science fantasy novel.

Horror: 7 Months in Hell

Vicky’s parents have her committed to a private psychiatric hospital outside Dublin, but it’s no coincidence that all the residents are survivors of zombie attacks.

As Violet’s influence spreads across the country, can Vicky and her fellow inmates do anything to stop Ireland falling to the undead?

The next novel in the 7th Hell series.

I know the first day of a new year inspires thoughts of healthier bodies and more mindful eating habits, but setting aside the usual New Year resolutions, what is something you want to achieve this year?

17 thoughts on “You don’t scare me, 2023!”

  1. Really looking forward to reading all three books! Best of luck with getting them done this year – I hope 2023 is a much healthier year for you! I want to write something new as well as publishing the third book in my children’s fantasy series – I feel I have been editing forever! 🙂

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  2. Great goals! I’m hoping to maintain better physical and mental health balance this year. I’d love to publish more books this year also, but with grad school I’m not going to push myself too hard. Best of luck!

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      1. Thanks! Yeah, I would love to finish something but I gotta keep my limits in mind. Who knows, maybe I’ll publish The Ruins sometime this year! The potential sequel is looking good so far.

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