Crocodiles Rock!

The bloganuary prompt for today is:

What is the earliest memory you have?

I have lots of memories from the first three years of life, but they are fragments without ordered chronology, so it’s very difficult to know when they occurred. A timeline of events didn’t kick in until my fourth birthday.

I remember sitting on my mother’s knee during a district nurse visit.

Being bathed in a small blue plastic bath.

Running up to horses in fields and being amazed by adults catching me and warning me to be careful because horses kicked and bit. I didn’t know why they were concerned, I had the situation under control.

Being taken to a race course and being terrified by an entertainer dressed as Goofy.

Walking along the promenade in the village wearing a harness and reins and hating it (I ran away a lot). It’s weird, because when I was a little older I wanted to be a dog, so you’d think I’d love being taken for walks on a leash. I suppose dogs prefer to run free too.

However, my earliest confirmed memory is from when I visited my sister in school at around 7 or 8 months. My memory is of running down a long corridor full of light and wood, and I remember seeing a crocodile. In my memory he was suspended above me, perhaps over a door, but I was very young so he might have been on a table. I just remember looking up at him. I recently was able to date this memory when I was discussing memories with my family and my sister said that her school had a stuffed crocodile. She told me she’d been very excited to introduce me to her friends but I’d just wanted to run away. I’ve no memory of people from the visit, but I remember the corridor of the school and the crocodile!

20 thoughts on “Crocodiles Rock!”

      1. You should! I’d never heard of it until I got an email from WordPress a few weeks ago. I thought it was a new thing, but apparently they do it every year. Would love to read your answers to the prompts, Herb!

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  1. Incredible that you can remember such an early age! My earliest memory is me wanting to go to school (I was probably 3) with my older siblings and being annoyed that I couldn’t. I even had to be taken out of the car. Things changed the following year when I had to be dragged out of the house for school (turns out school wasn’t as much fun as I thought!).

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  2. Wow that’s impressive that you remembered that. Cool beans. It’s so cute that you probably were just trying to run away from the crocodile, instead of meeting your sister’s friends. Sounds like a fun story idea 🙂 Keep smiling, Yawatta

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  3. Isn’t it funny how our earliest memories are like snapshots, tiny glimpses into our past that somehow stuck while everything else faded away. You have some great memories, Iseult, and what a fun memory of the crocodile!

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