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Why I Write

The bloganuary prompt for today is:

Why do you write?

The simple answer is: Because I must.

When I was a child I used to describe my story ideas as if I were standing on a high mountain pass looking down into a valley. The pass was blocked, but I could peek through and watch what happened in the valley. The valley contained stories, but only I could see into the valley to discover them and write them down.

Now, I focus more on the unique perspective every single person brings to their writing. There are only so many plots, character types and scenarios, but we will always have new stories because no one has, or will ever, experience the world quite like you.

Reading books has helped me learn about life and make sense of it. Books have educated me, befriended me, comforted me, and entertained me.

I am full of story ideas, worlds and characters. I even have extremely vivid dreams that often contain full plot outlines. I need to write regularly to express these ideas.

Writing my own stories has also taught me a lot about life. Figuring out how and why my characters behave the way they do, and the mechanics of their worlds, has given me greater insight into the real world.

The more I write, the clearer it is what I like to read about and what I want to reflect in my stories. I hope readers will be entertained, and that maybe one of my books will be the friend, comforter or teacher that a reader needs at that time, like other books have been to me throughout my life.

When it comes to why I write this blog, it’s because I wanted a place where I could share my stories, information about my books, and post book reviews, author interviews and musings about writing. It’s turned out to be much more than that, because I’ve connected with some amazing bloggers who are the kindest, most supportive and interesting people.

Now that you’ve heard about my reasons, I’d love to know:

Why do you write?

24 thoughts on “Why I Write”

  1. Wow, as a kid you were very insightful/mature! I was throwing snowballs and doing cannonballs off the high dive. I write because it’s a way to express myself both creatively (those are the horrible characters… yeah, the horrible ones) and philosophically (those are the beautiful, intelligent characters… yeah, let’s go with that).

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  2. That is a lovely and thoughtful reflection Iseult. I have no idea why I write! Not having been accepted ever by a publisher (except for a couple of poems) I sometimes get befuddled as to why I doing it at all! I guess I’m compulsive, obsessive, and stubborn (just the way I like it!)

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  3. Wow, I can imagine you living or vacationing in a mountain– probably the Himalaya mountain range. That’s so beautiful. I bet one can feel transcended when one can stand near it …

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  4. I love your image of the valley and the pass. It’s almost like glimpsing the truth of existence and trying to piece it together. The urge to write is a strange compulsion, I guess, or maybe I should call it a gift. For me, it’s an overwhelming urge to tell stories that I want to share with others, and I’ve had the urge since I was five or six. Can’t stop now! 🙂

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  5. It’s amazing that you sometimes have dreams, which contain full plot outlines. My dreams tend to make no sense at all! Since I am not a writer, I can’t really answer your question, but I like writing blog posts to connect with other bloggers, to structure my thoughts about a book and to improve my written English (I am not a native English speaker).

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    1. I know! It’s turned out very useful for writing stories!

      I love your reasons for blogging. Your English is so impressive, I would never have known you weren’t a native speaker. I’m in awe of anyone who can structure their thoughts and write coherently in another language.

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