The Game of Life

The bloganuary prompt for today is:

How do you define success?

My answer to this lines up with the dictionary:

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

I’m pleased if I successfully accomplish a goal. If I complete several goals in a day, that’s a great day. I admit, I do beat myself up when I don’t achieve my goals for the day, but I’m getting better at accepting that my ambition exceeds my ability and that I can try again tomorrow.

As a child I played a board game called The Game of Life. I enjoyed it when I was very young, but it is quite boring and repetitive and requires no skill. I did love the noise the wheel made when you got to spin it for your turn.

I’ve never looked at real life like the board game – a series of milestones to pass and achievements to accumulate. A car stuffed with pink and blue pegs and a mink coat for Pamela (one of the many cards you could collect in the old version my family had).

Do you play The Game of Life?

How do you define success?

13 thoughts on “The Game of Life”

  1. I had a game where you could go to the racetrack and you threw two dice and if you got the number you selected within three goes, you won money at whatever the odds were for that dice combination – was that the game of life? It was fun! I had more success gambling in this game than when I ever have at the racetrack!! 🙂

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  2. We had a Simpsons version of Life growing up. It was fun, if very silly. As for my definition of success, I’m not sure. I guess I’ll say it’s when I do well at work or as a writer in some way, or when I accomplish a major goal (like finding my own home). It just depends on the situation.

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  3. Ha-ha, that game was fun; the car with the “kids.” I still have it, but don’t play it at all.
    Monopoly is my favorite and I have several versions. I think that one can teach you a little bit more about life — whether you take a chance or play it safe, you can win or lose either way. 🙂

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