All aboard!

The Bloganuary prompt for today is:

What is your preferred mode of travel?

I choose the power of the imagination!

Walking is great, but I’m not very good at it. You can pack a lot into a car, but it’s cramped for long journeys. I love the feeling of being in the air, but planes are too like buses to be comfortable. Trains are fun, if you manage to avoid being sucked into the gap between the carriage and the platform. Boats offer the potential to glimpse marine animals, but it means braving the depths teeming with unseen life as you balance precariously upon a wave. Horses are wonderful, but falling off them hurts. Stargates look amazing, but I hear it takes a lot of trips before you get used to the nausea. The Federation’s form of teleportation doesn’t appeal to me at all. What if a fly gets in with you when you’re beaming down to a planet? I’ve being assured they’ve ironed out the bugs in the system, but I don’t trust them.

No, imagination is the way to go for me. Within seconds I can be anywhere in the world, or in the universe. I can travel to different dimensions, different time periods, and even become a different species. It’s comfortable, doesn’t cost very much (it’s free unless you upgrade to reading a book), and is instantaneous.

Of course, like all forms of travel, imagination can be dangerous. There are dark places you may not want to explore, or you might wander into memory instead and that trip is always hit or miss. If you choose to travel into books, you may be irrevocably changed by the people, places and ideas you meet.

Perhaps the biggest downside of traveling by imagination is that you have to journey alone. Well, at least initially. You also can’t take any photos or video while you’re there. However, once you return from your trip you can write or paint your experiences, and other people can join you on your adventure for centuries afterward.

I know the journey is supposed to be what matters, but I’m all about the destination. My preferred mode of travel really depends on where I’m going. While I’d like to choose the most efficient option, it mightn’t be possible due to physical and financial concerns or location based availability.

Forms of travel as recreational activities is an entirely different matter.

What do you think?

What is your preferred mode of travel?

18 thoughts on “All aboard!”

  1. Traveling by imagination is great fun! I do love to see new places irl though, but I don’t particularly like the journey to get there. As you said, both planes, trains and buses have their disadvantages.

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  2. I like to read other people’s travel post. I guess that’s my preferred mode of traveling. LOL. Seriously. I am traveling vicariously through other people since I am too lazy to do it myself. Also traveling can cause a lot of inconveniences and I like to to be as pandered as possible by modern amenities and the homely environment.

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