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Book Review: Hiss, Rattle and Bite by Azaaa Davis

24 year old Marigold has a death wish. After a tragic event derailed her life, she demeans herself as a servant for an ancient vampire in the hope that he will turn her. 

This is a really well written novelette that kept me engrossed from beginning to end. It’s set at Christmas, but I wouldn’t call it a Christmas story. It starts with Mari delivering a gift to a former lover of her vampire master, Rhett, and immediately immerses the reader into the paranormal urban fantasy world in which she lives.

I enjoyed finding out about Mari and the events in her life that led her to be a vampire’s thrall and why she is so desperate to become one of the undead. Her trauma and how she reacted to it is realistic and sensitively portrayed. It was easy to sympathize with Mari and wish the best for her.

I prefer my vampires evil, so I was pleasantly surprised at the cold hearted and brutal depiction of the vampires in this story. They are monsters hiding in silk and lace. Mari’s depression and self hate explain why she tolerates the activities of her master, and the complexity of the psychological interplay between the characters was unexpected but welcome.

It was refreshing to read an urban fantasy tale that had a bit more depth beyond the entertainment of sexy vampires and epic fights. I was invested in Mari’s journey and longed for her to get off the self destruction path that was leading her to ruin.

A clever, well written story, I award Hiss, Rattle and Bite

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