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Book Review: The Pumpkin Mage by Lou Yardley

The perfect blend of humor, fantasy, horror and feels. 

Nyx and Croll have become mercenaries in order to prove themselves worthy to be employed by the Queen for her personal guard, and also to make enough money to get married. When the Queen sends them on a quest for a magic pumpkin, how can they refuse?

This short story is set in the author’s fantasy world of Venari, and is a prequel story that leads into a web novel, Knights of the Green Fire.

I love Nyx! How great is a character who gets an engagement dagger but thinks it’s too good to use? Yardley’s blend of humor, horror and fantasy is spot on in this story. There is genuine peril and some nasty scenes, but the next minute I was chuckling at Nyx’s efforts to survive. 

The style of humor is very English. It takes on high fantasy the way Red Dwarf took on science fiction. The author shows great knowledge of the genre, as well as love for it, and takes the story seriously while still managing to have a lot of fun with it.

This novella obviously sets up the conflict for the web novel, but I did not predict the ending. I know I should have seen it coming, but it blindsided me (in a good way) and left me emotional. 

The author describes herself as part Deadite, part Hobbit, and if you get that combination you will absolutely love this exciting journey to Venari. 

I award The Pumpkin Mage

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