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New Release: Run, Rabbit, Run

Hooray! It has finally arrived! The drabbles have been unleashed from the dark warren of the Hell Hare and are now free.

I am thrilled to have five drabbles in this anthology. One was inspired by this post by Herb. When I saw the call for horror drabbles themed around rabbits, I knew I had to write a story about these pictures.

I grew up looking at the Cooley Mountains every day, so they became an obvious location for another drabble. They are a great place for hares, or things that want you to think they are hares.

I’m looking forward to reading the anthology and discovering the scary rabbits the other authors wrote about.

Bunny butchers, lunatic lagomorphs, cut-throat cottontails, evil Easter bunnies, poisonous pikas, and all manner of arduous alliterative animal anecdotes, compiled by the Hell Hare Submission Reader:

They queue. With gaunt faces and bloodshot eyes, weary feet trudge slowly. The line snakes down the hill, back and forth between the Hell Fires, all eyes on the stooped shoulders in front. Silence, but for quiet groans. He watches. Three crimson eyes glow eerily in the dark; all that can be seen of the black Hell Hare waiting in the shadows. Trembling hands lift their offering to the altar, reverently placing it upon the last. Some even shed a single tear. His soul aches. For he knows he is the maker of dreams, but also the breaker of hearts.

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