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Great News!

I am so happy that Drabble Harvest #8, with my drabble ‘Spaceships Weren’t Built to Burn’ is now available to buy from Hiraeth Publishing and Amazon.

This is such a fun collection of very short stories and intergalactic ads. I’m so pleased to have a story in it.

About the book

Welcome to a collection of 100-word tales of how so many problems and so much evil can be solved so easily by being shoved out the airlock. In here you will meet humans and non-humans who have to deal in some way with difficult people who seem bent on cluttering up the lives of everyone else with mean-spirited, petty, bureaucratic behavior. The solution is so simple: out the airlock! Bye.

You’ll find humor and serious points in these stories. So take a load off and escape this world for a little while.

11 thoughts on “Great News!”

  1. You’re having some wonderful publishing wins lately, Iseult. This one sounds like fun. I enjoy 100-word stories, and “out the airlock” as a solution to problematic people cracked me up. Congrats!

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