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Dylan’s nightmares are about to become reality.

When he returns home after decades away for the funeral of his mother, the fears that drove him to flee seem like childish fantasy.

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Award Winning Multi Genre Writer

Iseult Murphy is an Irish writer of horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

Her short stories have won various awards, and her debut novel, 7 Days in Hell, was a Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Award winner and an IAN Book of the Year Award finalist.

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Thrilling Fiction

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Neci notices the changes in Hoddle as soon as he returns from the mountains.
When the animals of winter tell her she must kill Hoddle to break the curse, she vows to find another way.

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I am somewhat turned off by serious zombie stories, but I love the funny ones and this was so different from any other funny zombie story I’ve read.


Praise for ‘Dead Jimmy and the Selkie’

This collection of short stories is both quirky and weird. Filled with shops that sell all sorts of bizarre things, murderous clothing, memory stealing dolls, Death on a date night and of course werewolves and zombies. Each of the stories challenges our perception of everyday things and reminds us that things are not always what they seem.  You have been warned, you will never look at a three piece suit the same way ever again

David Rae, author

Praise for ‘Zoo of the Dead and other horrific tales’

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