A Tracker Becoming – Fantasy

El is a Tracker, one of the best children of Wind Mother and Father Night, who can hear the Song of creation and harmonize the discordant notes of disease and despair.

She is told she cannot be, because she is a woman, and everyone knows that only men are called to be Trackers.

While searching for some missing children, El encounters Ben, a man without a Song. She must overcome her revulsion to his silence if she is to forge an uneasy bond with him, and find the children before it is too late.

‘A Tracker Becoming‘ is an epic fantasy adventure short story with a strong female protagonist.

Set in the same world as A Lion in Colossus, Ben is one of the ten Lions, cursed to be outside of time, knowing neither life nor death until they have stopped the evil they have let loose upon the earth.

Available for 99c on Smashwords.